NVIDIA-SMI has failed in Ubuntu 18.04

I try nvidia-smi in Ubuntu 18.04 , I get the error:
NVIDIA-SMI has failed because it couldn’t communicate with the NVIDIA driver. Make sure that the latest NVIDIA driver is installed and running.
anyone can help me?
nvidia-bug-report.log.gz (2.6 MB)

You have installed an incompatible kernel built for Ubuntu 22.04 so the driver doesn’t compile. Please return to the stock 5.4 hwe kernel.

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thanks for replying, I have return 5.4 kernel. but still nvidia-smi has failed
nvidia-bug-report.log.gz (2.6 MB)

You previously installed the driver using the runfile installer without dkms. Please uninstall it using the --uninstall option, then add the grpahics driver ppa and install the driver using “Software&Updates”

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thank you very much, solve

nvidia-bug-report.log.gz (108.2 KB)
I am having the same problem

  1. Check if the NVIDIA driver is installed by running the command lsmod | grep nvidia. If the command returns output, then the NVIDIA driver is installed and loaded. If not, you will need to install the NVIDIA driver, you can take idea from here.

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