nVidia Tegra 2 T20 how to use all memory? Need help.

Hello. I have Dell Streak 7 with Tegra 2 T20. In this platform uses 512Mb RAM and 16Gb FLASH.
I resolder RAM and FLASH chips and now inside 1Gb RAM, 64Gb FLASH. FLASH visilble fully, no problem with read/write. RAM visible only 512Mb(New chip fully compatable with old). I tried to use other versions of OS, RAM not changed. I read many material on this theme. I think that it blocked on kernel(or bootloader) level. In spec of Tegra 2 support up to 1 Gb. May be anyone can help me? May be need to update bootloader? If need more info I can give it.
Thanks for any help.

I just know some moments.
odmdata - in my tablet 0x8b0c0011. For use 1 Gb RAM it need to change to 0xbb0c0011. If I want to 256VRAM it need to change to 0xbc0c0011. But else need to change bootloader.bin and Steak.bct. May be anybody can help with it? I can’t trust that no body know how it is?

Hello again. I read many docs about kernel, boot config table and other. But I’m not programmer. I think that need to edit *.bct file and/or kernel. Please give me the direction what I must to edit. Which file to change?