NVIDIA Tesla K80 in a Dell Power Edge T430 tower...with a Quadro M2000

I am really in need of some help here. I have a dual power supply system running with the dell Power Edge T430 towwer. I have been trying to power this off the back of the dual power supply board which looks to be the pcie power ports (2) - I have plugged from one of those into the K80 and then the server locks up and won’t post. I also have a Quadro M2000 in the box, but I haven’t been able to load a driver or get the server to see that product either - so I am in need of some direction and I am not opposed to scrapping both cards and doing something diffierent. Essentially I will be connecting to a 4 x 8 hdmi switch with over 78 ft of cat 6 connecting them. Additionally, I would like something powerful enough to work in 3d printing designs, but also and not limited to just the basic fact i like fast and awesome things - i haven’t put a bunch of thought into it, but i was told this k80 was great for bitcoin mining, but i haven’t even begun to think about modifications to include that as of yet -