Problems installating Tesla K80 on Dell 7920 workstation

I don’t know if this is the right forum to ask this in, but I can’t find a more appropriate one. If there is, perhaps someone can pass me the link.

I bought a used Tesla K80 for $150 from eBay. The card arrived today, and looks in fine shape, but when i put it into the Dell, the machine will not show anything on the display (Quadro P2200). I do however see a green LED on the Tesla card.

It seems as though the card just causes the machine to stop. I know these cards take a lot of power, but the 7920 is a big workstation, with a 1400 W PSU, supports 3 TB RAM, dual CPUs, about 10 disks internally. Mine is nowhere near configured like that - it only takes about 60 W of power from the mains when the computer is idle, so it can easily handle a 300 w card put in it.

The card came with a Y-cable. As far as I can determine, these are all the same connectors type. I have a couple of cables in the Dell which will plug into the card. I have tried them individually, as well as using the two in parall with the cable. But nothing seems to make this thing want to do anything.

An obvious cause is there’s a fault on the card, but are there anyt other gotchas, that might allow this card to spring into life?

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