Issues on installing drivers for Tesla P40

Hello! I have got a workstation DELL Precision T7920 recently. But the two GPUs installed are Geforce TX730 and Tesla P40 accelerator. The sales said that I could use the first one as the graphics card and use the second one to do the computing parts. I got very confused on that since I installed the Tesla driver 384.145 on Ubuntu 16.04, while I type ‘nvidia-smi’, there is only Geforce TX730 shown but I cannot see the Tesla P40. Is there any way I could use Tesla on a workstation?

Thanks so much for your time reading this! I’m really appreciated if you could help!

I don’t know who “the sales” is. Also, there is no such product “GeForce TX730” Maybe you meant GeForce GT 730.

Tesla P40 is not designed for use in a workstation. It will overheat.

Thanks for your reply!

Does it mean that Tesla P40 cannot be detected on a workstation, no matter which driver is installed?

It depends on the workstation itself, as well as whether or not the Tesla P40 has overheated by the time you run nvidia-smi

But Tesla P40 is not recommended by Dell for use in the T7920, nor is it recommended by NVIDIA for use in the T7920

You’re welcome to do what you wish of course.