NVidia Texture Tools Bug CUDA acceleration multiple GPU's

When CUDA acceleration is active and I want to export a DDS using the latest nVidia Texture Tools I get a corrupted image when I display the compressed version like the screenshot. It will also save a corrupted file.

If I change the compression quality it will most of the time move from CUDA to CPU (not sure why) but after the switch the display compressed functions like it should and doesn’t show a corrupted image anymore.

I tried several drivers (now using latest Creative Studio Driver), got rid of other DDS related plugins but it doesn’t help.

Since I use a massive amount of software using CUDA acceleration without problems (KeyShot/PhotoShop/V-Ray/Resolve/Substance Painter etc etc) I reckon the bug is within the export plugin.

A reason could be it doesn’t like the fact I’ve two 1070’s in my system (SLI Disabled). Anyway, doesn’t really work like it’s supposed to do. Another minor thing, if it switched (for whatever reason, 4K textures) to CPU the ‘display compressed’ option is terribly slow. Closing the window and opening it again makes it behave at normal speed using CPU (i9-9900K).

So actually two bugs I think. I was wondering if there was some beta to try since it really slows me down while creating a load of DDS files. The older (guess not CUDA accelerated) plugin does work but misses some of the options I need.

Hope you guys/girls can help me out or give me some things I can try to solve it.!

After typing this I was thinking what would happen if I forced CUDA on one specific GPU using the control panel. Well If I selected the second card it wouldn’t even do GPU acceleration. If I selected the first card it works without corruption so far. So definitely a bug in the Texture Tools Plugin I would say.

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Hi Oscar!

Yep, this looks like a bug - probably the multi-GPU factor, if I had to guess. I’ve added this to the internal bug tracker and will try to reproduce and fix it. Thanks for the report!

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Hi Oscar - we managed to reproduce this, and this should be fixed in today’s release of version 2021.1.1! It turned out that specifically when a system had two non-SLI GPUs with an equal number of FLOPs, the Exporter and the underlying image processing library could disagree about which GPU to use, leading to image corruption. Thanks again for the report!

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Hi Nick!

Awesome! Pretty soon after I posted this message I replaced one of the 1070’s with a 2080Ti and it didn’t give a corrupted output anymore. I did keep the post since it was so clear with the 1070’s there was something not right.

So I think the equal amount of FLOPs was indeed the trigger for the bug to appear.

Happy I could be of any help and will download the fresh version now :)

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