nvJPEG2000 on Jetson Xavier NX

Hi all,

I am currently running Ubuntu 20.0.4 on my Jetson Xavier NX. I currently have Jetpack 5.1.2 installed. I want to use the nvJPEG2000 library for lossless image compression. Is this possible on my machine? I manually installed the nvJPEG2000 library and upgraded my CUDA toolkit to 12.3. I then downloaded the CUDA Library samples repository located here, and tried to build and execute the sample nvJPEG2000-Encoder, but it failed during execution. Here is the command which I ran to run the built executable:

I am not sure how to further debug this. Is there a quick way I can verify the functionality of nvJPEG2000? Do I need to update any drivers on my Jetson? Is the nvJPEG2000 library supported on the Jetson, or can it only use nvJPEG? Any help would be appreciated.

NVJPG engine in Jetson devices does not support JPEG2000. And it looks like the software stack does not support arm:

Please look for other CPU solution for JPEG2000 encoding. Would see if other users can share experience.

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