NVMM to DMAbuffer with gldownload

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i’m trying to mix 3 streams
first stream needs to infer others don’t need
so first stream memory is converted NVMM

but when i mix 3 streams with glvideomixer
first stream does not video! just capture the first frame
other two stream was fine (they were x-raw)

what should i do if i want to stream all the video
or do you have any idea??
i think this problem from NVMM

Due to NVMM buffers, gl plugins may not work in DeepStream SDK.
Please share more information about your usecase. Generally we use streammux to bactch sources and send to nvinfer. And use nvmultistreamtiler to tile the sources. What is the purpose of doing inference to one source and two other sources are bypassed?

Thanks for reply!
i know the nvmultitiler but i need to make a tile with different resolutions
but it just support same size tile

so i use box and mixer to make a tile as below

but it was very slow because of videomixer!
so now i’m looking around to make it faster plugin or mathod

The layout is not supported in nvmultistreamtiler. You would need to use CPU plugins. Or you may use three nveglglessink to have three windows and put the three windows into the layout.

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Thanks for reply
that’s very interesting how can i put the 3 windows to the one layout? i need to use weston Not X11

can i use nvoverlaysink?