Nvmsgbroker doesn't send all message

I followed the deepstream-test4-app example to create a pipeline:

filesrc -> h264parse -> nvv4l2decoder -> nmstreammux -> nvinfer -> msgconv -> msgbroker.

I added buffer probe to nvinfer’s src pad to add user_meta to frame_meta.

I used the amqp message broker adapter to connect to rabbitmq server.


I checked that my video included 164 frames. But the total number of message rabbitMQ received was only 124, and when I ran the pipeline many times again, the number of message varies between 124 and 130.

How can I fix this problem?
How can I control the message push rate of nvmsgbroker?

Can you provide your test stream ?

Hi giangblackk,

We haven’t heard back from you in a couple weeks, so marking this topic is not an issue now.
Please open a new forum issue when you are ready and we’ll pick it up there.