Nvprof internal profiling error

When I run nvprof I get the following error and some profile information:

Error: Internal Profiling Error 3938:999

I did not use any nvprof arguments just nvprof ./a.out.

Where can I find the definition of 3938:999?

Thanks, Roger

I can check if we have more information on that error message. For reference, what OS and GPU are you running on? The nvidia-smi command may be able to report this info if you’re unsure.

Hi Roger,

What CUDA toolkit version is used? Are you on a Tegra/mobile platform?

I’m working on an EC2 instance with Linux and four Tesla V100s.

Not really sure. nvprof version is 10.0.130 (21) 2012-2018
compute-sanitizer version is 2021.1.1

Hi Roger,

Is it possible for you to upgrade to a later version of CUDA toolkit? The latest version is CUDA 11.7 Update 1, download link CUDA Toolkit 11.7 Update 1 Downloads | NVIDIA Developer.

No, I’m just a user. I do not have admin.