Visual Profile not working

Whenever I am trying to profile my CUDA application its giving internal profile error saying “the application is returning a non-zero return code”.
However, the application can not return a non-zero number. Also, I have correctly checked the current directory and Environment variable of the profiling session. the profiler is working fine on samples. Can anybody tell me the reason behind such error. Help will be highly appreciated. Thanks

This post faces the same problem and could be of interest to you:

I have seen this post, but the issue is not resolved. thanks By the way.

What version of CUDA toolkit are you using?

If you are using 5.x CUDA toolkit, can you try profiling with nvprof from the command line and check the error code?

Yes, I am using cuda toolkit 5.5. When I tried profiling my application using nvprof, it gave this error message :
Internal profiler error (12884901897:999)
==789== Profiling application: ./Tsunami
==789== Profiling result:
Time(%) Time Calls Avg Min Max Name
89.31% 30.900ms 16 1.9312ms 18.657us 7.2634ms [CUDA memcpy HtoD]
5.44% 1.8807ms 1 1.8807ms 1.8807ms 1.8807ms MASS(double*, double*, double*, double*, double*, int, int, int, double)
5.25% 1.8162ms 30 60.540us 1.8560us 210.18us [CUDA memset]
======== Error: Application returned non-zero code 1

Surprisingly there are some innocent device functions in my code, on commenting which it is profiling well.

“internal profiler error” would suggest this is some sort of bug inside the profiler. It would be helpful if you could file a bug report using the form linked from the registered developer site. Please attach the application that triggers this problem. Thank you for you help.

Hello everyone,

I have also encountered the similar bug when use nvprof, error data is given below,

==6568== NVPROF is profiling process 6568, command: ./a.out
Internal profiler error (8589934593:999)
==6568== Profiling application: ./a.out
==6568== Profiling result:
No kernels were profiled.
======== Error: Application returned non-zero code 1

Hope to obtain your kind help, thank you.