Internal profiling error 4168:999.


I am trying to run my application through visual profiler, but every time I try, I get the following.

======== Error: CUDA profiling error.
==9756== Error: Internal profiling error 4168:999.

My app is running one kernel, write to a buffer and display such buffer using D3D interop functionalities. This works perfectly fine when running the app, it works fine via NSight in VS, but it doesn’t work when run from Visual Profiler.

In particular, I can see one iteration running (i.e. one frame), but then the app exits and error aboves appears in console and in the log.

Any suggestion of what this might be? On how I can gather more info to tackle this?

Thank you

Hi, cifa

We have an internal bug about D3D profiling. I think the problem you met should be the same.
I will check with our dev about D3D support.

Will reply once I get response.