NvQueueGet to OpenCV Mat

Is it possible to pass the stream from NvQueueGet to OpenCV?
I am assuming that ipp_capture_encode uses a stream of images. How can I use it in OpenCV?
Will the pBufferContext be useful?

Dear raghavhrishi16,

I’d like to recommend EGLstream for your topic.
EGLStream is an EGL object that exposes a set of APIs that transfer a sequence of EGL image frames between software components (e.g., video frames from NvMedia to OpenGL ES).
Please refer to below links in detail. Thanks.



Thanks for the response.I shall look into it.
What would you recommend with regard to ipp_capture_encode?
I think it takes in the stream as buffer. Is there a way to do type conversion from NvMediaIPPComponentOutput to the ones accepted by openCV? Also, can pBufferContext of OutputBufferContext be of any help to extract the feed?