NvMediaImage to vx_image

I am trying to process images from Driveworks’ camera_gmsl sample using VisionWorks library for a Drive PX2.

Is there a way to convert NvMediaImage into vx_image ?

Dear pedropgusmao,

Could you please refer to below links for your query? Thanks.

NVMedia EGLStream interop and VPI (CUDA Vision API)

And there is a very large sample demonstrating how to work with NvMedia + VisionWorks.
It’s in the form of a library that all the VisionWorks samples are built on top of called “NVXIO”. It uses EglStream APIs to get frames from camera or video through NvMedia.
Please see the files under /usr/share/visionworks/sources/nvxio/src/{NVX/OVX}/FrameSource/NvMedia installed as part of the VisionWorks package. Thanks.