Resizing NvMedia images?


How can we resize a dwImageNvMedia frame to a different scale (e.g. half width and half height)? It seems like driveworks is not designed to do this directly, but if we have a dwImageNvMedia (or NvMediaImage) what is the function inside the NvMedia API to use?

Is there an example snippet of code showing how we can use this function?


Dear amini,
Driveworks does not provide a way to resize images. You need to use NvMedia APIs for resizing. You can use NvMedia2DBlitEx function to copy image across two buffers. Please refer
You can create NvmediaImages appropriately for the required sizes and pass them as arguments(srcSurface and dstSurface).
You can refer to img_producer.c in ipp_yuv Nvmedia sample to know the usage of NvMedia2DBlitEx.

Good Day!

I noticed an ISP element when capturing images from a camera. There, are no exposed controls for this element in the newer versions of the API. Will these controls be exposed at some point? Like cropping. Or do we need to use the Blit operation

I appreciate any information on the matter. Thanks.

Regards, Abraham.