NX sdkmanager install crash after 5 hours

I want to burn JAPACK 4.5.1 LINUX FOR JETSON XAVIER NX on emmc through sdkmanager but I am stuck in the interface via ssh install and the NX side screen is running.

However, the sdkmanager on the host side suddenly crashed.
Is it normal for the installation to take so long?

@a5372935 it seems you gor the emmc[production version of nx], so sdkmanager needs to get the production version of the OS to be flashed, not the devkit[sdcard version]. If the wrong variant is selected various kind of errors could be the result.

It is not possible the flash takes 5 hours. It is possibly wrong from the begining.

I would suggest you can share us what did you choose in sdkmanager.

Also, did you use this host to flash any jetson product before?

After the above steps to install, the screen on NX will always be running

However, the host side is stuck on

So the board is getting flashed but the problem is you cannot ssh to the board with IP?

What is the option you chose in this step?


BTW, you can directly post picture on the forum. No need to use ppt.

I was choosing the above option

so, cannot ssh to the board with IP?

Flash & Install I both ssh

During flash it is in recovery mode, and although it uses USB, there is no network involved over USB. does not exist unless the unit is fully booted. Flash normally (and only) runs in recovery mode, and then as flash completes, the board reboots normally and this is when shows up. The optional components (such as CUDA) are installed over ssh, and so flash itself does not install CUDA or other extra software.

The use of might require the host PC to be told to allow this (since it might not by default accept random USB network devices without someone manually allowing it). If you are at a stage when you think you should be able to use, then on the host PC monitor “dmesg --follow”, and then disconnect and reconnect the host USB to see what shows up under dmesg (might require powering with the barrel connector, otherwise the NX would be rebooting as well).

Issue is resolved with private message discussion.