Obtain Jetpack's installed components versions

upon installation of the following Jetpack components I need to verify their version:

  • NVIDIA Container Runtime with Docker
  • Multimedia API
  • NVIDIA Nsight Systems CLI
    how should I do it?


I was trying to get for the NVidia Container Runtime version by:

nvidia-container-runtime --version

but I’m not getting the 0.10.0 version as declared by the SDK Manager.

Any ideas?

for NVIDIA Nsight Systems CLI - I have found:

nsys -v

I think that I’ve found for the Multimedia API:

sudo apt-cache show nvidia-jetpack

You may try:

sudo apt search nvidia | grep installed
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Similar to what @Honey_Patouceul mentions:
dpkg -l | grep -i nvidia

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Hi @Honey_Patouceul,
upon invocation of the apt command it is stated that the service is not stable and thus not recommended for usage, though it prints detailed list of components’ versions.


Does something simple like “apt search bash” work? I’m just wondering if networking and the apt repository are set up for basic function. The dpkg command would still work even without the apt repository setup and without networking.

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following are the results of running each one of the options (for future searchers):

sudo apt search nvidia | grep installed

WARNING: apt does not have a stable CLI interface. Use with caution in scripts.

cuda-gdb-10-2/stable,now 10.2.300-1 arm64 [installed,automatic]
cuda-libraries-10-2/stable,now 10.2.460-1 arm64 [installed,automatic]
cuda-libraries-dev-10-2/stable,now 10.2.460-1 arm64 [installed,automatic]
cuda-nvtx-10-2/stable,now 10.2.300-1 arm64 [installed,automatic]
cuda-visual-tools-10-2/stable,now 10.2.460-1 arm64 [installed,automatic]
deepstream-6.0/stable,now 6.0.1-1 arm64 [installed]
libnvidia-container-tools/stable,now 1.7.0-1 arm64 [installed]
libnvidia-container0/stable,now 0.10.0+jetpack arm64 [installed]
libnvidia-container1/stable,now 1.7.0-1 arm64 [installed]
libnvvpi1/stable,now 1.2.3 arm64 [installed]
libvdpau1/bionic,now 1.1.1-3ubuntu1 arm64 [installed,automatic]
libvisionworks/stable,now arm64 [installed]
libvisionworks-dev/stable,now all [installed]
libvisionworks-samples/stable,now arm64 [installed]
libvisionworks-sfm/stable,now arm64 [installed]
libvisionworks-sfm-dev/stable,now arm64 [installed]
libvisionworks-tracking/stable,now arm64 [installed]
libvisionworks-tracking-dev/stable,now arm64 [installed]
nsight-systems-linux-tegra-public-2021.5.4.19-e642d4b/stable,now 2021.5.4.19-e642d4b arm64 [installed]
nvidia-container-csv-cuda/stable,now 10.2.460-1 arm64 [installed]
nvidia-container-csv-cudnn/stable,now arm64 [installed]
nvidia-container-csv-tensorrt/stable,now arm64 [installed]
nvidia-container-csv-visionworks/stable,now arm64 [installed]
nvidia-container-runtime/stable,now 3.7.0-1 all [installed]
nvidia-container-toolkit/stable,now 1.7.0-1 arm64 [installed]
nvidia-docker2/stable,now 2.8.0-1 all [installed]
nvidia-l4t-3d-core/stable,now 32.7.2-20220417024839 arm64 [installed]
nvidia-l4t-apt-source/stable,now 32.7.2-20220417024839 arm64 [installed]
nvidia-l4t-bootloader/stable,now 32.7.2-20220417024839 arm64 [installed]
nvidia-l4t-camera/stable,now 32.7.2-20220417024839 arm64 [installed]
nvidia-l4t-configs/stable,now 32.7.2-20220417024839 arm64 [installed]
nvidia-l4t-core/stable,now 32.7.2-20220417024839 arm64 [installed]
nvidia-l4t-cuda/stable,now 32.7.2-20220417024839 arm64 [installed]
nvidia-l4t-firmware/stable,now 32.7.2-20220417024839 arm64 [installed]
nvidia-l4t-gputools/stable,now 32.7.2-20220417024839 arm64 [installed]
nvidia-l4t-graphics-demos/stable,now 32.7.2-20220417024839 arm64 [installed]
nvidia-l4t-gstreamer/stable,now 32.7.2-20220417024839 arm64 [installed]
nvidia-l4t-init/stable,now 32.7.2-20220417024839 arm64 [installed]
nvidia-l4t-initrd/stable,now 32.7.2-20220417024839 arm64 [installed]
nvidia-l4t-jetson-io/stable,now 32.7.2-20220417024839 arm64 [installed]
nvidia-l4t-jetson-multimedia-api/stable,now 32.7.2-20220417024839 arm64 [installed]
nvidia-l4t-kernel/stable,now 4.9.253-tegra-32.7.2-20220417024839 arm64 [installed]
nvidia-l4t-kernel-dtbs/stable,now 4.9.253-tegra-32.7.2-20220417024839 arm64 [installed]
nvidia-l4t-kernel-headers/stable,now 4.9.253-tegra-32.7.2-20220417024839 arm64 [installed]
nvidia-l4t-libvulkan/stable,now 32.7.2-20220417024839 arm64 [installed]
nvidia-l4t-multimedia/stable,now 32.7.2-20220417024839 arm64 [installed]
nvidia-l4t-multimedia-utils/stable,now 32.7.2-20220417024839 arm64 [installed]
nvidia-l4t-oem-config/stable,now 32.7.2-20220417024839 arm64 [installed]
nvidia-l4t-tools/stable,now 32.7.2-20220417024839 arm64 [installed]
nvidia-l4t-wayland/stable,now 32.7.2-20220417024839 arm64 [installed]
nvidia-l4t-weston/stable,now 32.7.2-20220417024839 arm64 [installed]
nvidia-l4t-x11/stable,now 32.7.2-20220417024839 arm64 [installed]
nvidia-l4t-xusb-firmware/stable,now 32.7.2-20220417024839 arm64 [installed]
python-vpi1/stable,now 1.2.3 arm64 [installed]
python3-vpi1/stable,now 1.2.3 arm64 [installed]
ubuntu-drivers-common/bionic-updates,now 1: arm64 [installed]
vdpau-driver-all/bionic,now 1.1.1-3ubuntu1 arm64 [installed,automatic]
vpi1-demos/stable,now 1.2.3 arm64 [installed]
vpi1-dev/stable,now 1.2.3 arm64 [installed]
vpi1-samples/stable,now 1.2.3 arm64 [installed]
xserver-xorg-video-nouveau/bionic,now 1:1.0.15-2 arm64 [installed,automatic]

dpkg -l | grep -i nvidia:

ii  cuda-nvtx-10-2                                        10.2.300-1                                 arm64        NVIDIA Tools Extension
ii  deepstream-6.0                                        6.0.1-1                                    arm64        Nvidia DeepStreamSDK runtime libraries, development files and samples
ii  libnvidia-container-tools                             1.7.0-1                                    arm64        NVIDIA container runtime library (command-line tools)
ii  libnvidia-container0:arm64                            0.10.0+jetpack                             arm64        NVIDIA container runtime library
ii  libnvidia-container1:arm64                            1.7.0-1                                    arm64        NVIDIA container runtime library
ii  libnvvpi1                                             1.2.3                                      arm64        NVIDIA Vision Programming Interface library
ii  libvisionworks                                                                arm64        NVIDIA's VisionWorks Library and supplemental data
ii  libvisionworks-dev                                                            all          Development files for NVIDIA's VisionWorks Library
ii  libvisionworks-samples                                                        arm64        Samples for NVIDIA's VisionWorks Library
ii  libvisionworks-sfm                                                           arm64        SFM module for NVIDIA's VisionWorks Library
ii  libvisionworks-sfm-dev                                                       arm64        Development files for SFM module for NVIDIA's VisionWorks Library
ii  libvisionworks-tracking                                                      arm64        Tracking module for NVIDIA's VisionWorks Library
ii  libvisionworks-tracking-dev                                                  arm64        Development files for Tracking module for NVIDIA's VisionWorks Library
ii  nvidia-container-csv-cuda                             10.2.460-1                                 arm64        Jetpack CUDA CSV file
ii  nvidia-container-csv-cudnn                                          arm64        Jetpack CUDNN CSV file
ii  nvidia-container-csv-tensorrt                                        arm64        Jetpack TensorRT CSV file
ii  nvidia-container-csv-visionworks                                              arm64        Jetpack VisionWorks CSV file
ii  nvidia-container-runtime                              3.7.0-1                                    all          NVIDIA container runtime
ii  nvidia-container-toolkit                              1.7.0-1                                    arm64        NVIDIA container runtime hook
ii  nvidia-docker2                                        2.8.0-1                                    all          nvidia-docker CLI wrapper
ii  nvidia-l4t-3d-core                                    32.7.2-20220417024839                      arm64        NVIDIA GL EGL Package
ii  nvidia-l4t-apt-source                                 32.7.2-20220417024839                      arm64        NVIDIA L4T apt source list debian package
ii  nvidia-l4t-bootloader                                 32.7.2-20220417024839                      arm64        NVIDIA Bootloader Package
ii  nvidia-l4t-camera                                     32.7.2-20220417024839                      arm64        NVIDIA Camera Package
ii  nvidia-l4t-configs                                    32.7.2-20220417024839                      arm64        NVIDIA configs debian package
ii  nvidia-l4t-core                                       32.7.2-20220417024839                      arm64        NVIDIA Core Package
ii  nvidia-l4t-cuda                                       32.7.2-20220417024839                      arm64        NVIDIA CUDA Package
ii  nvidia-l4t-firmware                                   32.7.2-20220417024839                      arm64        NVIDIA Firmware Package
ii  nvidia-l4t-gputools                                   32.7.2-20220417024839                      arm64        NVIDIA dgpu helper Package
ii  nvidia-l4t-graphics-demos                             32.7.2-20220417024839                      arm64        NVIDIA graphics demo applications
ii  nvidia-l4t-gstreamer                                  32.7.2-20220417024839                      arm64        NVIDIA GST Application files
ii  nvidia-l4t-init                                       32.7.2-20220417024839                      arm64        NVIDIA Init debian package
ii  nvidia-l4t-initrd                                     32.7.2-20220417024839                      arm64        NVIDIA initrd debian package
ii  nvidia-l4t-jetson-io                                  32.7.2-20220417024839                      arm64        NVIDIA Jetson.IO debian package
ii  nvidia-l4t-jetson-multimedia-api                      32.7.2-20220417024839                      arm64        NVIDIA Jetson Multimedia API is a collection of lower-level APIs that support flexible application development.
ii  nvidia-l4t-kernel                                     4.9.253-tegra-32.7.2-20220417024839        arm64        NVIDIA Kernel Package
ii  nvidia-l4t-kernel-dtbs                                4.9.253-tegra-32.7.2-20220417024839        arm64        NVIDIA Kernel DTB Package
ii  nvidia-l4t-kernel-headers                             4.9.253-tegra-32.7.2-20220417024839        arm64        NVIDIA Linux Tegra Kernel Headers Package
ii  nvidia-l4t-libvulkan                                  32.7.2-20220417024839                      arm64        NVIDIA Vulkan Loader Package
ii  nvidia-l4t-multimedia                                 32.7.2-20220417024839                      arm64        NVIDIA Multimedia Package
ii  nvidia-l4t-multimedia-utils                           32.7.2-20220417024839                      arm64        NVIDIA Multimedia Package
ii  nvidia-l4t-oem-config                                 32.7.2-20220417024839                      arm64        NVIDIA OEM-Config Package
ii  nvidia-l4t-tools                                      32.7.2-20220417024839                      arm64        NVIDIA Public Test Tools Package
ii  nvidia-l4t-wayland                                    32.7.2-20220417024839                      arm64        NVIDIA Wayland Package
ii  nvidia-l4t-weston                                     32.7.2-20220417024839                      arm64        NVIDIA Weston Package
ii  nvidia-l4t-x11                                        32.7.2-20220417024839                      arm64        NVIDIA X11 Package
ii  nvidia-l4t-xusb-firmware                              32.7.2-20220417024839                      arm64        NVIDIA USB Firmware Package
ii  python-vpi1                                           1.2.3                                      arm64        NVIDIA VPI python 2.7 bindings
ii  python3-vpi1                                          1.2.3                                      arm64        NVIDIA VPI python 3.6 bindings
ii  vpi1-demos                                            1.2.3                                      arm64        NVIDIA VPI GUI demo applications
ii  vpi1-dev                                              1.2.3                                      arm64        NVIDIA VPI C/C++ development library and headers
ii  vpi1-samples                                          1.2.3                                      arm64        NVIDIA VPI command-line sample applications

apt search bash :

abs-guide/bionic 10-2 all
  The Advanced Bash-Scripting Guide

acr/bionic 1.2-1 all
  autoconf like tool

android-androresolvd/bionic 1.3-1build1 arm64
  Daemon to transfer Android DNS property to resolv.conf

apparix/bionic 07-261-1build1 arm64
  console-based bookmark tool for fast file system navigation

awesome-extra/bionic 2017110501 all
  additional modules for awesome

backup-manager/bionic 0.7.12-4 all
  command-line backup tool

bash/bionic-updates,bionic-security,now 4.4.18-2ubuntu1.3 arm64 [installed]
  GNU Bourne Again SHell

bash-builtins/bionic-updates,bionic-security 4.4.18-2ubuntu1.3 arm64
  Bash loadable builtins - headers & examples

bash-completion/bionic,now 1:2.8-1ubuntu1 all [installed]
  programmable completion for the bash shell

bash-doc/bionic-updates,bionic-security 4.4.18-2ubuntu1.3 all
  Documentation and examples for the GNU Bourne Again SHell

bash-static/bionic-updates,bionic-security 4.4.18-2ubuntu1.3 arm64
  GNU Bourne Again SHell (static version)

bashburn/bionic 3.0.1-2 all
  simplify cd/dvd burning at the command line

bats/bionic 0.4.0-1.1 all
  bash automated testing system

bd/bionic 1.02-2 all
  quickly go back to a specific parent directory in bash

biabam/bionic 0.9.7-7ubuntu1 all
  bash attachment mailer

bleachbit/bionic 2.0-2 all
  delete unnecessary files from the system

buku/bionic 3.7-1 all
  Powerful command-line bookmark manager

command-not-found/bionic-updates 18.04.6 all
  Suggest installation of packages in interactive bash sessions

cronic/bionic 3-1 all
  Bash script for wrapping cron jobs to prevent excess email sending

csh/bionic-updates 20110502-3ubuntu0.18.04.1 arm64
  Shell with C-like syntax

dash/bionic,now 0.5.8-2.10 arm64 [installed]
  POSIX-compliant shell

ddd/bionic 1:3.3.12-5.1build2 arm64
  The Data Display Debugger, a graphical debugger frontend

ddgr/bionic 1.2-1 all
  DuckDuckGo from the terminal

dehydrated/bionic-updates 0.6.2-2ubuntu0.18.04.1 all
  ACME client implemented in Bash

devscripts/bionic-updates,bionic-security 2.17.12ubuntu1.1 arm64
  scripts to make the life of a Debian Package maintainer easier

direnv/bionic 2.15.0-1 arm64
  Utility to set directory specific environment variables

env2/bionic 1.1.0-4 all
  convert environment variables between scripting languages

extrace/bionic 0.4-2 arm64
  trace exec() calls system-wide

fenrir/bionic 1.06+really1.5.1-3 all
  Userland console (TTY) screen reader written in python

firehol/bionic 3.1.5+ds-1ubuntu1 all
  easy to use but powerful iptables stateful firewall (program)

firehol-common/bionic 3.1.5+ds-1ubuntu1 all
  easy to use but powerful traffic suite (common library)

firehol-doc/bionic 3.1.5+ds-1ubuntu1 all
  easy to use but powerful iptables stateful firewall (docs)

firehol-tools/bionic 3.1.5+ds-1ubuntu1 all
  easy to use but powerful traffic suite (extra tools)

firehol-tools-doc/bionic 3.1.5+ds-1ubuntu1 all
  easy to use but powerful traffic suite (extra tools docs)

fireqos/bionic 3.1.5+ds-1ubuntu1 all
  easy to use but powerful traffic shaping tool (program)

fireqos-doc/bionic 3.1.5+ds-1ubuntu1 all
  easy to use but powerful traffic shaping tool (docs)

funcoeszz/bionic 15.5-1build1 all
  script with 170+ useful mini applications

git-sh/bionic 1.1-1 all
  a git shell

gitlab-shell/bionic 6.0.4-1 all
  handles git commands for GitLab

global/bionic 6.6.2-1 arm64
  Source code search and browse tools

go2/bionic 1.20121210-1 all
  fast directory finder

golang-github-posener-complete-dev/bionic 1.1+git20180108.57878c9-3 all
  bash completion written in go

googler/bionic 3.5-1 all
  Power tool to Google (Web & News) and Google Site Search from the terminal

gradle-completion/bionic-updates,bionic-security 1.3.1-1~18.04 all
  Bash and Zsh completion support for Gradle

grub-efi-arm64/bionic-updates,bionic-security 2.04-1ubuntu44.1.2 arm64
  GRand Unified Bootloader, version 2 (ARM64 UEFI version)

grub-efi-arm64-bin/bionic-updates,bionic-security 2.04-1ubuntu44.1.2 arm64
  GRand Unified Bootloader, version 2 (ARM64 UEFI modules)

grub-efi-arm64-signed/bionic-updates,bionic-security 1.167~18.04.5+2.04-1ubuntu44.1.2 arm64
  GRand Unified Bootloader, version 2 (EFI-ARM64 version, signed)

guilt/bionic 0.36-2 all
  quilt for git; similar to Mercurial queues

hexec/bionic 0.2.1-3build1 arm64
  Command line tool to hook into exec calls

i3lock-fancy/bionic 0.0~git20160228.0.0fcb933-2 arm64
  i3lock custom wrapper script

imgp/bionic 2.5-1 all
  Superfast batch image resizer and rotator

jed/bionic 1:0.99.19-7 arm64
  editor for programmers (textmode version)

jedit/bionic 5.5.0+dfsg-1 all
  Plugin-based editor for programmers

kdesdk-scripts/bionic 4:17.12.3-0ubuntu1 all
  scripts and data files for development

keychain/bionic 2.8.2-0.1 all
  key manager for OpenSSH

ledit/bionic 2.03-6 all
  line editor for interactive programs

libbash/bionic 0.9.11-2 all
  bash dynamic-like shared libraries

libbash-doc/bionic 0.9.11-2 all
  bash dynamic-like shared libraries - documentation

libdbix-profile-perl/bionic 1.0-5 all
  DBI query profiler

libenv-ps1-perl/bionic 0.06-2 all
  prompt string formatter

libgetopt-complete-perl/bionic 0.26-2 all
  programmable shell completion for Perl apps

libghc-highlighting-kate-dev/bionic 0.6.4-1build2 arm64
  syntax highlighting library based on Kate syntax descriptions

libghc-highlighting-kate-doc/bionic 0.6.4-1build2 all
  library documentation for highlighting-kate; documentation

libghc-highlighting-kate-prof/bionic 0.6.4-1build2 arm64
  highlighting-kate library with profiling enabled; profiling libraries

libhoneysql-clojure/bionic 0.8.2-1 all
  library for mapping Clojure data structures to SQL

libjline2-java/bionic 2.14.6-1 all
  console input handling in Java

libjs-prettify/bionic 2015.12.04+dfsg-1 all
  syntax highlighting of source code snippets in an html page

libjs-xterm/bionic 2.7.0+ds1-1 all
  terminal front-end component for the browser - browser library

libledit-ocaml-dev/bionic 2.03-6 arm64
  OCaml line editor library

libshell-posix-select-perl/bionic 0.08-1 all
  POSIX Shell's "select" loop for Perl

libt3highlight-dev/bionic 0.4.5-1 arm64
  Development files for libt3highlight

libt3highlight2/bionic 0.4.5-1 arm64
  Syntax highlighting library

licensecheck/bionic 3.0.31-2 all
  simple license checker for source files

licenseutils/bionic 0.0.9-2 arm64
  Put copyright and license notices at the head of source code files

liquidprompt/bionic 1.11-3ubuntu1 all
  adaptative prompt for bash & zsh

mina/bionic 0.3.7-1 all
  deployer and server automation tool

mkalias/bionic 1.0.10-2 all
  Bash alias management to facilitate alias creation

moap/bionic 0.2.7-1.1 all
  Swiss army knife for project maintainers and developers

mpc/bionic 0.29-1 arm64
  command-line tool to interface MPD

mussh/bionic 1.0-1 all
  MUltihost SSH Wrapper

mytharchive/bionic 2:29.1+fixes.20180414.329c235-0ubuntu3 arm64
  create and burn DVD's from MythTV - binary file

nanoblogger/bionic 3.4.2-3 all
  Small weblog engine for the command line

nanoblogger-extra/bionic 3.4.2-2 all
  Nanoblogger plugins

node-bash-match/bionic 0.2.0-1 all
  Match strings using bash.

node-brace-expansion/bionic 1.1.8-1 all
  Brace expansion as known from sh/bash for Node.js

node-braces/bionic 2.0.2-2 all
  Fast, comprehensive, bash-like brace expansion implemented in JS

node-expand-tilde/bionic 2.0.1-1 all
  Bash-like tilde expansion for node.js

node-shelljs/bionic 0.7.5-1 all
  Portable Unix shell commands for Node.js

node-xterm/bionic 2.7.0+ds1-1 all
  terminal front-end component for the browser - NodeJS modules

node-yargs/bionic 10.0.3-2 all
  yargs the modern, pirate-themed, successor to optimist.

ondir/bionic 0.2.3+git0.55279f03-1 arm64
  Automate tasks specific to certain directories in the shell

pacapt/bionic 2.3.13-1 all
  Arch's pacman-like package manager for some Unices

pal/bionic 0.4.3-8.1build2 arm64
  command-line calendar program that can keep track of events

pct-scanner-scripts/bionic 0.0.4-3ubuntu1 all
  scan and create merged DjVu and PDF documents for archiving

pd-lyonpotpourri/bionic 2.0+git20121009-2 arm64
  potpourri of Pd objects for synthesizing with audio

perlbrew/bionic 0.82-1 all
  script to manage perl installations in your $HOME

pidgin-plugin-pack/bionic 2.7.0-3 arm64
  Collection of Pidgin plugins

piu-piu/bionic 1.0-1 all
  Horizontal scroller game in bash for cli.

pk4/bionic 5 arm64
  make available the Debian source package producing the specified package

pluginhook/bionic 0~20150216.0~a320158-2build1 arm64
  simple plugin system for Bash programs

powerline/bionic 2.6-1 arm64
  prompt and statusline utility

preprocess/bionic 1.1.0+ds-1build1 all
  portable multi-language file preprocessor

python-argcomplete/bionic 1.8.1-1ubuntu1 all
  bash tab completion for argparse

python-bashate/bionic 0.5.1-1 all
  bash script style guide checker - Python 2.x

python-bashate-doc/bionic 0.5.1-1 all
  bash script style guide checker - doc

python-calabash/bionic 0.0.3-3 all
  Bash-style pipelining syntax for Python generators

python-dcos/bionic 0.2.0-2 all
  Datacenter Operating System (DCOS) CLI - Python 2.7

python-optcomplete/bionic 1.2-13 all
  provide bash-completion for Python programs

python3-argcomplete/bionic 1.8.1-1ubuntu1 all
  bash tab completion for argparse (for Python 3)

python3-bashate/bionic 0.5.1-1 all
  bash script style guide checker - Python 3.x

python3-dcos/bionic 0.2.0-2 all
  DCOS Common Modules - Python 3.x

rlwrap/bionic 0.43-1 arm64
  readline feature command line wrapper

rosbash/bionic 1.14.2-1 all
  Assorted shell commands for using Robot OS with bash

ruby-session/bionic 3.2.0-2 all
  persistent connections with external programs like bash (via pipes)

runoverssh/bionic 2.2-1 all
  Run commands over ssh in one or more hosts

sash/bionic 3.8-4 arm64
  Stand-alone shell

screenfetch/bionic 3.8.0-8 all
  Bash Screenshot Information Tool

sendemail/bionic 1.56-5 all
  lightweight, command line SMTP email client

shove/bionic 0.8.2-1 all
  test tool for shell scripts with TAP outputs

spacefm/bionic 1.0.5-2 arm64
  Multi-panel tabbed file manager - GTK2 version

spacefm-common/bionic 1.0.5-2 all
  Multi-panel tabbed file manager - common files

spacefm-gtk3/bionic 1.0.5-2 arm64
  Multi-panel tabbed file manager - GTK3 version

stlcmd/bionic 1.1-1 arm64
  Suite of commands for generating, inspecting and manipulating STL files

sugar-terminal-activity/bionic 45.2-1 all
  Sugar Learning Platform - terminal emulation activity

switchsh/bionic 0~20070801-4 arm64
  bind-mount bash as /bin/sh

syslogout/bionic 0.3.9 all
  Modularized system wide shell logout mechanism

sysprofile/bionic 0.3.9 all
  Modularized system wide shell configuration mechanism

t3highlight/bionic 0.4.5-1 arm64
  Command-line syntax highligher

texlive-extra-utils/bionic 2017.20180305-2 all
  TeX Live: TeX auxiliary programs

texlive-latex-extra/bionic 2017.20180305-2 all
  TeX Live: LaTeX additional packages

thefuck/bionic 3.11-2 all
  spelling corrector of console commands

txt2regex/bionic 0.8-5 all
  A Regular Expression "wizard", all written with bash2 builtins

undistract-me/bionic 0.1.0+git20130402+3a9144bc1f-1 all
  Notifies user when long-running terminal commands complete via libnotify

vim-conque/bionic 2.3-1 all
  plugin for running interactive commands in a Vim buffer

wait-for-it/bionic 0.0~git20170723-1 all
  script that will wait on the availability of a host and TCP port

xjed/bionic 1:0.99.19-7 arm64
  editor for programmers (x11 version)

xonsh/bionic 0.6.0+dfsg-1 all
  Python-powered, cross-platform, Unix-gazing shell

xonsh-doc/bionic 0.6.0+dfsg-1 all
  Python-powered, cross-platform, Unix-gazing shell (documentation)

yash/bionic 2.46-1 arm64
  yet another shell

z80asm/bionic 1.8-1build1 arm64
  assembler for the Zilog Z80 microprocessor

zshdb/bionic 0.92-3 all
  debugger for Z-Shell scripts

Do any of the apt or dpkg searches for nvidia answer the package versions you are looking for?

Yes I got from there the version of the version of libnvidia-container0:arm64 which is in my case 0.10.0+jetpack.

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