Odd warning after flashing the Jetson TK1

Hi All

I’ve followed the Quick Start Guide on the L4T page and flashed my Jetson TK1 with the 19.3 version of L4T. As a linux machine I used Oracles VBox and installed an Ubuntu 14.04 32-bit on that system.

My contact is a PuTTy connection through the serial port and at boot I get the following warning a couple of times (with different timestamps ofc.).

[   14.025619] vgaarb: this pci device is not a vga device

Is this a known bug, me doing something wrong, or just some missing driver I haven’t noticed I should install? Since I don’t use a monitor on the Jetson I haven’t checked if this works. The code sample ‘deviceQuery’ runs and outputs the expected info on the GPU, so I expect CUDA to work.

EDIT: I activated the USB3 component by changing in the jetson-tk1.conf file as specified in the release notes and the .conf file. This is different from the exact description.

Any input is appreciated. Thanks


I’m “fairly” certain this is not a bug. All Jetson systems will do this.

I believe it is part of linux associated with scanning/detecting/setting up vga devices. It seems to be a message about a potentially vga device being kicked out of the list…and thus vgaarb is not going to deal with it. Perhaps it is the Kepler device which could be used as a video device, but is not. See:


Ok, thanks for your reply.

This just showed up after I flashed the unit and not with the version that the unit came with, so I was worried I had messed something up.

Perhaps the difference is simply how verbose the kernel is.

I’ll let it be for now. Thanks again.


Yes, the kernel options do actually specify different log levels for various warnings. I had noticed this on both my original R19.2 and newer R19.3 though, via serial console. Personally, I would not want to desensitize log levels to the console.