OFED 2.0 is coming soon

Hi Users,

Very soon we will start releasing MellanoxOFED 2.0

Sometime in March time frame we are expecting to allow it to beta users follow by a formal GA for everyone else. we will announce the exact dates once we are closer to finish our certification process.

Version highlights:

Based on Community OFED version 3.2

ipoib major improvements with UD transport


If anyone has any question or would like to be beta/tester for this upcoming version please post!

Any news when OFED 2.0 will be released? We are currently in the process of upgrading our cluster to Ubuntu 12.04 and would prefer to jump directly to OFED 2.0 instead of first try to get 1.5.3 running (I’m currently having some problems with building the ofa_kernel for the 3.2 kernel in Ubuntu).

Which cards will be supported by the 2.0 release?

The GA will support ConnectX2 and IS5XXX for sure. those are all being tested.

Normally, during beta stages the engineering team is tying to limit the testing scope of users to the latest and greatest hardware.

No worries…

if you are interested in participating in the beta program and you are a Mellanox contracted custom, reach out to the support group, they can hook you up with the program.

There sure are a lot of features listed as alpha and beta in this release

Any chance that Ubuntu LTS-releases will be supported? Or at least any possibility that Ubuntu packages (i.e .deb) will be available?

I would be interested to have a look at the Beta packages, for testing on some of the stuff we have.

I have experience in creating deb packages, I would be interested in helping to port over if anyone is interested

Yes! from what i see, Ubuntu (deb) flavors are now getting introduced. It might not be at GA level off the bet but at Beta level at list.

it would would probably be a good idea if you reach out to Mellanox suport mailto://support@mellanox.com/ and ask to participate in the beta program…

Without support for ConnectX-2? At least according to the release notes. Any idea when it will be supported?

Sounds good (especially the ubuntu part :-)

Do you know if the beta (and/or GA) supports ConnectX-2 and works with BX5020 and IS5030?

When I asked support, early march, to participate in the beta program they said the beta only supported ConnectX-3 and was without support for BX5020. Hopefully that has changed by now.

I checked with the engineering team, It is currently in QA and saying looking good but it will take few more weeks until it is ready for everybody.

Mellanox contracted customers can probably get it for Beta testing sometimes next week (should contact Mellanox support for approval) and the rest of the users later on. few weeks after.

As for Ubuntu - Yes, it is included.


so will Mellanox include OFED 2 with the VMWare SRP/IPOIB Driver? Vers 1.8

here we go: Mellanox Products: Mellanox OpenFabrics Enterprise Distribution for Linux (MLNX_OFED) http://www.mellanox.com/page/products_dyn?id=26&product_family=26&mtag=linux_sw_drivers

I’m very interested in the Ethernet Tunneling Over IPoIB Driver (eIPoIB) support, even if it’s still alpha I’ll likely be up and testing with this very soon

YAY Looking fwd to that. Does anyone have a loose time line for Vers 2 Beta Testing to be complete, and when OFED V2 will be rolled into SRP Vmware driver. IE Vers 1.9 with OFED 2. Say Q3 or Q4 2013?

The driver for ConnectX2 and others is there. the main focus during the release was put into ConnectX3 and ConnectIB cards. all others should work the same as they did previously.

Yes YES!

That’s the GA link isn’t it?

Just scanned over the rel notes, and it says:

These are the release notes of Mellanox OFED for Linux Beta Driver, version 2.0-2.0.5.

If that’s the GA stuff, someone should probably remove the “Beta” in there to help avoid confusion.

I hope the new OFED will be better than the ones currently at openfabrics.org…, and supports some the older cards better.

OFA Windows OFED 3.2 RC2 is available https://www.openfabrics.org/downloads/Windows/v3.2_RC2 https://www.openfabrics.org/downloads/Windows/v3.2_RC2

There were some notes with it though;

winOFED no longer supports:

  • Mellanox Infinihost HCAs
  • Mellanox Connect-X HCA (ConnectX-2 / -3 still supported).
  • Vista & Server 2008 (Server 2008 R2/WIndows-7 fully supported).
  • Intel ia64 platforms (x64 and x86 only).

Is this the same for the Mellanox OFED Windows packages ?.

Whilst I can understand most of the support removal, the Connect-X (-1) cards are now comming at a price point (second user) where people can justify having a play at home with them.

It is clear that firmware development on these cards have stopped and if driver development has also ceased then they start to become a less interesting product for home adopters.

Is support being completely removed or will it remain but in a static state going forwards ?.