Old device type when updating flash

According to the latest (April 2013) version of the MFT user manual, mlxburn should support device type 25204 (Infinihost III LX). However, when I try to update the firmware, I receive an error that it is not supported. Any help would be appreciated!

C:\Adapters>mlxburn -dev mt25204_pci_cr0 -image fw-25204-1_2_0-MHGS18-XTC_A5.bin

-E- Device type 24204 not supported anymore: Old device type.

-E- Can not open mt25204_pci_cr0: MFE_INVAL

-E- Image burn failed: child process exited abnormally

C:\Adapters>mlxburn -v

mlxburn, mft 3.0.0-15, built on Apr 21 2013, 09:32:58. SVN Version: 10863

From memory, you’ll need to grab a version of the Mellanox Firmware Tools prior to v3.x.x.

This should do the trick (from the old site):

http://old.mellanox.com/content/pages.php?pg=management_tools&menu_section=34 http://old.mellanox.com/content/pages.php?pg=management_tools&menu_section=34

Hope that helps.

This did it! Thanks for your prompt help!

No worries.