Updating firmware MT23108-CE128

i am upgrading firmware version for my InfiniHost MT 23108-CE128 card to rev 3.5

and its give me this:

Current FW version on flash: N/A

New FW version: N/A

Read and verify Invariant Sector - DIFF DETECTED

Invariant sector mismatch. Address 0x6f8 in image: 0xffffffff, while on flash: 0x00000000

The invariant sector can not be burnt in a failsafe manner.

You can perform the FW update without burning the invariant sector by

by specifying the -skip_is flag.

See FW release notes for details on invariant sector updates.

-E- Failsafe burn error: Invariant sector mismatch

i try: flint -dev mt23108_pci_cr0 -image fw-23108-3_5_000-MHX-CE128-T.bin burn

mlxburn -dev mt23108_pci_cr0 -image fw-23108-3_5_000-MHX-CE128-T.bin

then i try:

mlxburn -dev mt23108_pci_cr0 -image fw-23108-3_5_000-MHX-CE128-T.bin -skip_is

and it give me

Do you want to continue ? (y/n) [n] : y

Read and verify PPS/SPS on flash - OK

Burning first FW image without signatures - OK

Restoring first signature - OK

-I- Image burn successful

but nothing have changed. Can anyone know what to do?

I looks like flashing went without any issue. Did you reboot the host? What is the firmware version in ibv_devinfo output?

At first i try the latest version, but when i write mst status i cant see any mst devices. Then i try 3.8.0 and see them but cant burn fw image. Now i use 2.7.2 one of the latest version from mlx site. I try flint, the same problem. Write that burn image successful but nothing change.

Yes, im trying to burn in windows server 2008 x64 r2. Image burned successful, then i reboot server machine. But FW version still N/A. mst status -v give me:

  1. mt23108_pciconf0 bus:dev.fn=07:00.0;

  2. mt23108_pci_cr0 bus:dev.fn=07:00.0

vstat give me: ib_open_al failed status = 42

Have any idea what can help?

The card is too old and I would suggest to try older MFT package (v3.8.0 for example or even earlier) available from http://www.mellanox.com/page/management_tools http://www.mellanox.com/page/management_tools

flint command can be used to query device. The syntax can be found in MFT user manual.

When using v3.8.0, what is the ‘mst status’ output? Are you able to run “flint -d q” command?

By the way, may I ask what are you trying to achieve? What software you are going to use? Current version of WinOF driver doesn’t support this card. There is only ConnectX-2 and newer card support. What is the next step after you get the firmware upgraded?

In 3.8.0 :

  1. mt23108_pciconf0 bus:dev.fn=07:00.0;

  2. mt23108_pci_cr0 bus:dev.fn=07:00.0

Now i use: WinOF 1.1.1; MFT 2.7.2.

Before use of WinOF 1.1.1 i try 2.0.0. And now i can see command and it give me: fw_ver=3.05.0000, i try to to burn fw-23108-3_5_000-MHX-CE128-T.bin.

Yes i can use “flint -dev mt23108_pci_cr0 q” command and it give me that:

Image type: Failsafe

I.S. Version: 1

Description: Node Port1 Port2 Sys image

GUIDs: 0002c90108fe5f70 0002c90108fe5f71 0002c90108fe5f72 0002c90108fe5f73

Board ID: <MT_0000000001>

PSID: MT_0000000001

In real i try to update fw of infinihost 23108 in hope that solaris 11.0 can see this mst device. I cant find driver for it. And it give me some troubles: 1) error during attach: hw_init_checkfwver_fail. 2) driver attache (for maintenance only).

Hopefully it will work for you. As alternative, you might try to use Linux for your tasks.