Old notebook with Geforce 310M

Hello folks

As an usual “poor Brazilian student” I own an old computer with a GeForce 310M .
It looks that the 310M is not allowed to run Nvidia Cuda.
I tried to install and make some tests and it showed that it is not supported.

Is there a way to install or use CUDA in this old poor computer:?

Can I install an old CUDA version?

I want to come back to CUDA after years without use it.
Thank you very much in advance

You may be able to get CUDA 6.5 working on it. Do a google search for “legacy CUDA toolkit”

Oh… Thanks txbob…
I will do it…

Do you think that I can export the code to use in another modern card ?
I mean, do you think that the code writtren in Cuda 6.5 will run on a modern card with support to Cuda 8.0 ? I suppose so because I will not use any “new feature” included in 8.0 (because I will code in 6.5) and I assume that 8.0 is compatible with 6.5

Sorry… with your response I feel that I should do it (google it) before open a thread here.

Of course if you recompile your code in a CUDA 8.0 environment, it should work with a modern card.

Otherwise, forward compatibility of binary codes is a complex topic. In general, however, if you compile with an appropriate version of PTX for your code, the binaries should be able to run on newer architectures. In this case you should also be sure to do static linking of the cuda runtime library and any other cuda libraries you use.

Thank you txbob.

I will test.