Cuda 6.5 and GeForce 8400M GS


Couls I use cuda 6.5 for my video card or shall I use the legacy-driver from the kali repository?
I would like to test the cuda function.
It is an old card.

root@kali:~# lspci
01:00.0 VGA compatible controller: NVIDIA Corporation G86M [GeForce 8400M GS] (rev a1)

OS: Kali 2016 Rolling (Debian base OS)


CUDA 6.5 should certainly work with that card if you use a supported OS. The supported OS’s are listed in the CUDA 6.5 install guide:


refer to table 1. (I don’t think Kali 2016 Rolling is an officially supported OS for CUDA 6.5)

Your GeForce 8400M GS GPU is a compute capability 1.1 GPU:


which is supported by CUDA 6.5

Thank you for your answer. I tried on Kali 2016 OS, unfortunately it is not working.I tried soon on Ubuntu.