Old NVIDIA Jetson TX2/TX2i OEM Product Design Guide

I’m looking for an old revision of the Jetson TX2/TX2i OEM Product Design Guide. In particular I’m trying to find the revision from FEB 2018 so I can see what changes were made from the Feb 2018 revision to the June 2018. Does anyone have a copy of the FEB 2018 Jetson TX2/TX2i OEM Product Design Guild PDF?

Hi, there is a Document Change History table in OEM DG, you can find the changes there.

I’m looking for the actual document so I can see the changes that were made and not just the summary of the changes.

The old revision doc is not in DLC now. Can you tell what changes you want to know the details of? Maybe i can show the part here.

Yes. Could you please share with me pages 70-75? And any tables, notes, etc. dealing with the BOOT_SELECT jumpers.

Sorry, checked and found that the old doc is not available to share now, i’m afraid you will have to check the change history for that. Can you tell what the specific issue you met is?

For that reasons I allways archieve data sheets at the point of design time in order to clarify issues later.

Yep. So I’m still hopeful that someone has this revision archived on their hard drive somewhere and is kindhearted enough to post it or send it to me.

Please check the attached file of page 70 to 75.
P70-75.pdf (1.74 MB)

I’m not seeing what I was looking for. Could you please post the whole document?

May I know what’s the detail you’re looking for? The whole doc is expired and should not be released again.