Mismatch found in between Jetson TX2 NX datasheet(v1.1) and Jetson TX2 NX Product Design Guide(v1.1)

Found some of the PCIe pins mismatched in the between both document. Please refer the following link for excel in which I have clearly pointed out the difference and please mention which pin is reserved for Jetson TX2 NX. Also mention which pin is available to use.TX2 NX Mismatch.xlsx (16.4 KB)


May I know which link is your datahseet v1.1 coming from?

Also, I checked the design guide v1.1, but the result is not as your description.


Jetson_TX2_NX_Product_Design_Guide_DG-10141-001_v1.1.pdf (1.9 MB)
Jetson-TX2-NX-Datasheet-v1.1.pdf (873.2 KB)
Please refer both the sheets and confirm. I got both the sheets- fromhttps://developer.nvidia.com/embedded/downloads
The release is of 10-05-2021


Which part do you think is not correct? You want us to move out those inside () to its pin name as datasheet?

Actually, I didn’t see those you said are mismatched in the latest design guide.

I am attaching the screenshot of the design guide in which I found mismatch. Could you please share the design guide which you are referring.

At 183 pin, according to you its a “PCIE_RST#” pin but in this design guide its “PCIE1 TX0 N” pin. Also at 172 and 174 pin, polarities are same.
Please share the sheet which you are referring.

Oh. Ok. We are looking at same datasheet but different pages… Let me notify internal team to update this.


Please suggest which sheet should we refer- Design guide or Datasheet

Please use datasheet as correct information.

ok thanks.