PCIE PINMUX customization for custom carrier board


I’m performing pinmux configuration for a custom carrier board based on a Jetson Orin NX. For the process, we’re using the spreadsheet provided by you: Jetson Orin NX Series and Jetson Orin Nano Series Pinmux , version 1.01. Also, due to the custom carrier requirements, we are basing our work on the Jetson_Orin_NX_Series_+HDMI A03 tab from the spreadsheet. Aditionally, we’re using the Jetson Orin NX Series and Jetson Orin Nano Series - Product Design Guide version 1.1.

Checking table 7.2: Jetson Orin Module USB 3.2 and PCIe Pin Description, I noticed that both pins 58 (CSI4_D1_N) and 60 (CSI4_D1_P) have the description of being receiver pins. But, are the only receiver pins in table 7.2 with the direction set as Output. Is this correct or is it a typo, and it should be instead Input?

Finally, in the PINMUX spreadsheet the direction of these pins cannot be customized, does that mean that they come with the direction specified in table 7.2 in the Design Guide?

Thank you!


When it comes to anything related to pcie and usb, the pinmux does not play a role.

That’s doc issue which should be “input”, thanks.

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