Jetson OrinNX P3768 carrier board

I would like to know if it is possible to get documentation for the Orin NX P3768 carrier board.
In your document named <Jetson_Orin_NX_Pin_Descriptions.xlsx>, there is mention of this carrier board.
I would be very interested in getting any documentation (schematics, or others) related to the Orin NX since we design our own carrier board for the OrinNX.
I already downloaded the design guide DG-10931-001_v0.1 but I am looking for more information about your P3768 board.
Thank you!

There is no Orin NX carrier board. That column is a pin and function list for pins not on the Xavier NX carrier board with the new functionality on the Orin NX module. This will be clarified in future design guide releases.

Thank you kayccc for your reply.
Yes, I understand the purpose of this column in the XLSX file.
The name of this column is <Use on Jetson Orin NX Carrier Board (P3768)>.
I’m pretty sure NVIDIA designed a carrier board to test the OrinNX daughterboard. I understand that NVIDIA doesn’t want to sell it at this time.
But if we can get access to a reference design schematic/document (even if it is a beta version), it would help us design our own carrier board and start buying the OrinNX daughter board as soon as it is available on the market.

How can you possibly not release with orin NX devkit board?! this is the main way devlopment is done! with a low powered SBC that can be put on the robot! I can no longer recommend orin as a platform for developing robots, unless you’re like Sony or some big industrial company.

The Orin NX module is compatible with the Xavier NX carrier board (P3509) and we do provide reference design files for that. In addition, the Orin NX Design Guide describes the interfaces available on the Orin NX, and you should be able to take advantage of those without Orin NX carrier board files.

You can find relevant Orin NX design file from Jetson Download Center | NVIDIA Developer

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