Pinmux Sheet Orin NX with errors

Dear NVidia Team

While working through the pinmux sheet (v0.8) for the Orin NX, we came across some errors:

  • Display Port: Customer Usage description seems to be wrong as for example DP0_TXDP2 is described as DisplayPort 1 Lane 0. This should be Lane 2 right? Lane 0 and Lane 2 seem to be switched.
  • USB0_D_N is configured as USB0_DP even if this is not in the drop down list.
  • USB1 and USB2: DP and DN are switched also even if this is not possible through the drop down list.
  • In the Customer and Devkit Usage Description for the CSI interfaces, Clock and Data Lanes are exchanged and between Customer Usage and Devkit Usage, “+” and “-” are switched.
  • For the PCIE Interfaces, there seems to be often also “+” and “-” wrong in the customer usage description.
  • In the drop-down list for Pin 60, 58, 66 and 64, only the function for PEX7 can be chosen. We want to use it for PEX9 (PCIE3), can this be changed?

We let you know it we find more errors.

Kind regards

Thanks for listing the items. We are checking the list and will update.

Thanks, these will be corrected and will update to DLC pinmux sheet.

Hi Trumany

We saw that you updated the pinmux sheet. Could you explain the difference between the A01 and A03 tabs?
Thank you,

Hi Nvidia

Any update?
Thank you.

That’s for two sku devkit. Custom design should choose its own option based on custom pin usage.

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