Orin NX DP0 Pinmux Changespin


I am able to flash the Orin NX onto Xavier NX carrier boards but only HDMI works due to Pinmux changes on ORIN NX to support USB3.2 on the DP0 pins instead of Displayport.

I checked Pinmux for Orin NX on A01 and A03 reference boards but both options map DP0 to USB3.2.

Is there an existing Orin NX configuration that is backward compatible with Xavier NX, specifically DP0, or do we need to edit pinmux and recompile.

If we need to edit Pinmux, I see some previously assigned pins to DP0 are now shown as reserved on Orin NX, is there any risk when changing these pin definitions.



There are still lots of unclear points here. Is your Xavier NX carrier board a custom board? or you are talking about devkit?

Hi Wayne,

I have imaged the Orin on a number of different custom boards getting same results, but not on A03 devkit board yet since we dont have one on hand.

The target board for the Orin NX is a custom board that we have developed. It was originally designed around the Xavier NX, but now we want to upgrade Orin NX.

So our custom board can be imaged using SDK with Xavier NX and works for Display Port (DP0) (we did not connect HDMI or DP1)

But Orin has re-assigned DP0 to USB3.2 so we dont get a display by default.

What is best way to enable DP0 so we get the display working


There is only one display head on Orin. DP0 has no more capability to be a display head. I mean no matter what software change or pinmux change you applied, DP0 won’t be display pin.

You should refer to ONX design guide for this.

Thanks for letting me know Wayne.

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