Orin NX how to use dp1?

How do I use dp1?
Whether only the pin needs to be modified?
I don’t see anything in the device tree。
For example add same thing to device tree like:


What does that mean DP1? Orin NX only support one head display.

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As shown in the picture。Is there anything I need to change?

You want to enable a Displayport or you want ot enable a HDMI?

enable the Displayport 。

Then this default setting in pinmux should be fine.

thanks,I’ll try it later。
If I want to enable the HDMI,How should I go about it?


Actually, if you want to enable DP, you need to refer to this document.

But if you want to enable HDMI, no you don’t need to do anything because our default BSP is using xavier nx devkit + orin nx and it supports HDMI.


If it only has one output port, does that mean I can use xavier nx devkit to test if the configuration is correct?

If this development board can output dp signal, then the rest is to find out if there is any problem with our own design?
Then the remaining question is whether this development board supports dp output?
or I can only test hdmi output?


If you are using Xaviver NX devkit as carrier board, then you cannot test DP. You can only test HDMI.

Thank you, I tried to use the dp port on the designed carrier board, but there was no output. How can I check if the modification is successful? To distinguish between software and hardware problems.

the dmesg about dp and display:
root@ubuntu:~# dmesg | grep “display”
[ 14.339596] nv_platform 13800000.display: Adding to iommu group 54
[ 14.351456] platform 13800000.display:nvdisplay-niso: Adding to iommu group 55

root@ubuntu:~# dmesg | grep “dp”
[ 1.552313] vdd-3v3-dp: supplied by vdd-3v3-sys
[ 1.932578] RPC: Registered udp transport module.
[ 12.533787] systemd[1]: system-modprobe.slice: unit configures an IP firewall, but the local system does not support BPF/cgroup firewalling.
[ 12.556470] systemd[1]: Created slice system-modprobe.slice.
[ 13.417436] systemd[1]: Starting udev Coldplug all Devices…

all dmesg log:
dmesg.log (66.4 KB)

Sorry for the late response, have you managed to get issue resolved or still need the support? Thanks

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