Jetson AGX Orin Pinmux V1.5 default settings

What are the default settings in the Customer editable fields after I downloaded it from Nvidia download center? File name “Jetson_AGX_Orin_Series_Pinmux_Config_Template_1.5.xlsm”.

I noticed quite a lot signals were set with values that are not available in the pulldown menu. Give a few examples:
1), All CSI pins have P/N polarities inverted, and data/clock pins swapped. See illustrations in below picture;

2), G58/A57 pins were set to GPIO with incorrect pin-direction. The pinmux spreadsheet actually gave Error on both pins’ direction, if you click on the Direction cell but don’t change their default values;

3), Two critical pins “NVDBG_SEL” & “NVJTAG” have reversed initial states against DG V1.5. They should have 100-Kohm pulldowns on the module, but Pinmux default don’t have the ext. PD specified, and instead they int PU configured;

4), Two other important power sequence/reset pins don’t have Bidirection option in the pulldown menu. They are “input” only in Pinmux v1.5. I am not sure if the configuration in Pinmux would make them input-only or not, but they are supposed to be driven by the Orin module internal power/reset sequencing logic at power-up.

Please clarify all above signals. Thanks