Jetson AGX Orin Pinmux V1.5 default settings

What are the default settings in the Customer editable fields after I downloaded it from Nvidia download center? File name “Jetson_AGX_Orin_Series_Pinmux_Config_Template_1.5.xlsm”.

I noticed quite a lot signals were set with values that are not available in the pulldown menu. Give a few examples:
1), All CSI pins have P/N polarities inverted, and data/clock pins swapped. See illustrations in below picture;

2), G58/A57 pins were set to GPIO with incorrect pin-direction. The pinmux spreadsheet actually gave Error on both pins’ direction, if you click on the Direction cell but don’t change their default values;

3), Two critical pins “NVDBG_SEL” & “NVJTAG” have reversed initial states against DG V1.5. They should have 100-Kohm pulldowns on the module, but Pinmux default don’t have the ext. PD specified, and instead they int PU configured;

4), Two other important power sequence/reset pins don’t have Bidirection option in the pulldown menu. They are “input” only in Pinmux v1.5. I am not sure if the configuration in Pinmux would make them input-only or not, but they are supposed to be driven by the Orin module internal power/reset sequencing logic at power-up.

Please clarify all above signals. Thanks

hello michael.wu2,

>>Q1. All CSI pins have P/N polarities inverted…
please upgrade to the latest Jetpack release, for example, JetPack-5.1
there’s added device tree property, i.e. lane_polarity to configure this.

let me arrange resources for checking your Q2, Q3, and Q4,

Wow, thank you for the answers.

I was thinking Nvidia may have left random default data in the Pinmux spreadsheet, but now it appears to be a big unpublished feature (of CSI polarity-inversion).

Good to have it (Q1) checked out and clarified. Now I am really curious to figure out the remaining questions Q2/3/4.

Looking forward to hearing from you soon!


It has been a while, any updates on the remaining questions in this request?

And will Nvidia publish a new version of Pinmux tool for the Jetson AGX Orin? I checked the download center today, noticed the Orin Pinmux stays at V1.5, dated on 2022-10-12.

(But the other two modules Orin NX and Orin Nano pinmux had a version update on 2023-01-27. Wish there is an update for the Orin pinmux as well) Thanks

  1. For Q2, G58 pin is restricted to be used as “Output” signal only due to HW design of P3701 (G58 has DDRCODE strap function with a block buffer). Therefore, when “Output” is selected, error will be flagged. A57 does not have the same problem. Other strap signals also have the same issue.
  2. For Q3, PD values will be inserted in the “Ext Pull Down Value” column.
  3. For Q4, L60 SYS_RST_N is an input only signal for module. It is not an output from the power sequencer. The same for L55 VDDIN_PWR_BAD_N signal . Also note these two signals are included in the Pinmux Configuration file for reference only. They are not Tegra signals and also not captured into the DTSI files.

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