How to config camera csi on orin module pinmux

I tried to use camera on Jetson orin, but found csi pinmux default setting is wrong. How can I config csi pinmux using the pinmux file "Orin_Jetson_Series_Pinmux_Config_Template1.0" ?
The following picture is the default pinmux.

Do you want to design your own carrier board?

Yes,we had design carrier board by following OEM Design guide V0.2;

Please just choose the corresponding option in dropdown list.

Hi, ShaneCCC:
Even if I choose CSI_A_D0_P, the generated dtsi file did not change.

My understand is CSI pin isn’t multiple function only for CSI usage doesn’t need pinmux configure.

For example, in line 309, pin E42 can be configured as CSI_A_D0_P or CSI_TRIO0. No matter which one I choose, the output dtsi file is the same.
Are you sure the default configure is CSI_A_D0_P?

But Orin CSI select D-Phy mode or C-Phy mode ?

The C/D-PHY configure in the device tree of the sensor properties.

    mode0 {
        mclk_khz = "37125";
        num_lanes = "4";
        tegra_sinterface = "serial_a";
        phy_mode = "DPHY";

Hi, shaneCCC:
From the pinmux, on the right site, the DevKit usage is the same as customer usage, but different from option in dropdown list. I can not change csi pinmux. What on earth is the default pinmux, CSI_A_D0_P or CSI_A_CLK_N ? (in the first line)