Omni.Anim People don't walk

Isaac SIM is updated to 2022.2.0 version and tried Omni. Anim People example.

Tutorial is not so difficult to work Carter2 navigate his way and avoid objects.
But People is not walking even if input command in the Behavior control panel on the chapter 3.2.1. Use a Demo Simulation.

In the example 5 people is standing. I can control their body animation.
I’d just load sample text file. So I don’t think any wrong indication.
According to turorial , `SkelRoot prim and value is not abnormal.
female_adult_police_03 GoTo 10 10 0 90
in the text file last parameter use ‘_’ for ending rotation.

and Command file is load from


by tutorial indication.

I tried to change parameter some one is removing ‘_’ the other original.
Is there any update from turorial???

Loading extentions are well done. add python script for people well too.

Best Regards!

As a result of comparing Biped and general characters, Axis direction is not same for each other.
But my reference video is same … I overlook the setting of direction…

If create new stage and setting parameter time without savindata, I can success the person walking.
But After Sleep mode, saving data, data looks broken with error message which is indicated randomlly.

I wanted to upload error log. but created over 500MB. I gave up it.


Hello Mikaneda, can you share logs for the demo simulation?

Do the characters just go into idle when you click ‘play’?


Thank you for your interesting this issue.
I attached
kit_20230228_093104.log (14.4 MB)
the log which is proceed tutorial " 3.2.1. Use a Demo Simulation"

If people don’t move by commad file action, these messages were detected in the console.

2023-02-28 00:41:51 [Info] [] resetting the animation timeline

This message was also detected sample stage from scratch after saving/ recovery from sleep.
If people who is set up walk by command, walking action is displayed in the console.