Omni UI WebViewWidget

I noticed a prior post last year around this time, and some information about WebViewWidget being used internally with a plan on release it to the public. We’re about a year later now, and I do see the option listed within the Omni.ui Python API documentation (attached), but there is no further information about it or how to use it.

Im looking for something like a CEF implementation / integration with the Omni.ui framework so that I can render local (file://) HTML, but also with the ability to render remote HTML also.

What is the current state of this?

Hi @chumphreys. This is still in developement.

Thanks for the quick response @mati-nvidia. Is there a projected release date?

The team is targeting the next Kit release and it is implemented using CEF. I sent you a private message with more info.

Thanks @mati-nvidia, I look forward to it. And thank you for your responses!

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