Omniverse Apps Don't launch

Hello, I’m Chirag Kakkar, Student from India.
I’ve downloaded the Omniverse app, but it just doesn’t launch. Nothing happens when I click on the Launch button. I’ve tried updating the drivers and everything… I also tried to download other apps(USD Composer, code, Kit, etc.) but the same problem is occuring. Is there anyone else experiencing this same problem? Can anybody help me?

My specs:
Intel(R) Xeon(R) Gold 6285R CPU @2.70GHz
32gb RAM

@f20190671 is the Launcher running okay? it could be firewall/antivirus causing issues. could you upload the launcher log? you should be able to find locate it through your avatar at the top right corner of the Launcher.

Are you having issues installing launcher or installing an app ? You are successfully installing an app like USD Composer but it will not start when clicking the Launch button ?