Omniverse Code Isuue

kit_20211222_191234.log (331.0 KB)
When trying to launch the code app in omniverse it is not opening.
please find the reference log file.

Hi @AkshayKamthe! Welcome to the community. Sorry to hear you are having a problem launching CODE. I took a look at your log and I need to send it over to the dev team. Can you share your computer Operating System, GPU and GPU Driver please?

Hi WendyGram
Thanks for looking to code app issue.
I am using Centos7 For server side.
And use Tesla V100 GPU. I know that V100 not supports the rendering.
I think that will not affect to launching the Code app.
Currently I am able to successfully launch the Kit and the lower build of create app the newer version of Create app having issue for launching.
Please find the GPU driver and GPU details

GPU details

Hi @AkshayKamthe! I appreciate the information. I sent this over to the team to take a look.

Unfortunately, I was informed that we do not currently support non-RTX cards for Code.