Omniverse Installation Get Stuck

I am trying to install Isaac Sim, but the installation keeps getting stuck even after download is completed. I am trying to install it on Ubuntu 22.04 with a RTX 4060 (Driver Version: 535.161.07 CUDA Version: 12.2).
Ideally it fulfills all the requirements, but can not proceed. Please refer the image below.

@puneettu664 i am just a fellow user, but are you experiencing the same issue with other OV apps (Composer, Code, etc) or just Isaac Sim? if inclined, you could upload the OV Launcher log to rhia thread for the mods to investigate a possible cause. you can locate the .log file here:


@Simplychenable Thank you for connecting. The issue is only with Issac Sim. I am attaching the log file for reference here.
launcher.log (17.7 KB)

personally, i did not see any specific error in the log you posted. out of curiosity, for how long did you let the installation run? and did any terminal pop up during the installation? on Windows, there is typically a CLI that shows up that display all the resources/packages getting loaded, did you see that at all?

Q1: how long did you let the installation run? About 4 hours
Q2: did any terminal pop up during the installation ? Noh, no activity observed on Ubuntu 22.04. It just got stuck even after complete download. It just says downloading. (Referring the image)

Hi @puneettu664 - Does it show any error when you cancel the download try again? if nothing works then you can try this cleanup tool and try again: Launcher Cleanup Tool — Omniverse Utilities latest documentation

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