Omniverse Launcher gets stuck installing programs

Hi There,

tearing my hair out a little.

So i have been attempting to install NVIDIA ISAAC SIM COMPATIBILITY CHECKER but it consistently downloads 233.08/238.69mb and then just stops.

i have test this on two different windows 11 laptops and a ubuntu system. all get stuck. i have tried skipping the checker and just installing isaac sim directly and same thing, it gets stuck near the end of the download.

inside windows the launcher appears to be able to download the zip file but it appears i lack the permissions to extract the zip manually even thought i am admin on all systems i tried.

i also tried using the launcher as admin and i get the same error.

i tried leaving it for like 30 minutes. no luck.

Am i doing something wrong?

Any help anyone could provide would be very much appreciated!

what is your system?

one laptop is a dell precision 7750 with 32gb of ram, octo core i7-1085H and a QUADRO RTX 3000 running two SSD’s, one with windows 11 and one with ubuntu

the other laptop is a rog strix but i know it wont run Isaac sim, i just wanted to check if it could install the compatibility checker or not

Hi. Are you able to install and run other apps like Kit or USD Composer?
There could be some intermittent network issues. Please try again.

Hi there,

potentially network issues on your end but i suspect not on my end as i tried on different days at different times, on different computers.

Since my last reply i found another forum post who had the same problem and their solution was to close launcher via task manager and the relaunch it and for some odd reason that clears the block and the program installs.

very strange but it works.

i dont know if you want to close this thread as the problem as been resolved with a work around.