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After running isaacsim program crashed once, I forced isaacsim program to close, but it could not start later. After omniverse was closed, it kept loading when it started again, as shown in the figure. The operating system is Windows and the sim version is 2022

The image can not be uploaded, it is stuck in the first interface after opening the NVIDIA Omniverse Launcher, there is a loading circle icon

Hi. Try the latest Isaac Sim 2023.1.0.
Please share the full logs and the version of drivers. Also check if you have the latest Launcher and Nucleus installed.

Thanks for your reply, in fact I have also installed isaacsim 2023.1.0. I tried to download and install the new version of omniverse launcher, and it started correctly the first time. However, after I restarted the system, there was no response after double-clicking, the windows task Manager showed that it was suspended, and the installation did not work after multiple restarts. I thought maybe it was a launcher problem because I could still run the isaacgym demo on command. By the way, what kind of the full logs do I need to provide

Hi. See our FAQ for the paths to the Isaac Sim logs. And the Launcher logs here.

launcher.log (245.4 KB)
This is the launch logs file. The problem occurred for the first time on 24th, and I could use the Omniverse Launcher after re-downloading and installing it. However, I could not log in since I restarted my computer on 26th

Thanks for the log. It looks like there is a known issue with the current version of Launcher.
I believe we should have an updated Launcher with the fix this week.
You may get more info and similar issues at Launcher - NVIDIA Developer Forums.

Hi, I have noticed that there is a delay in the repair of the starter, which unfortunately leaves us unable to proceed with any tasks. However, I have come up with an idea. Despite encountering difficulties logging into the omniverse launcher, would it be possible for me to bypass the launcher and initiate the local Nucleus service and isaacsim through command prompts? Lately, I have encountered issues where the previous instance of isaacgym environment fails to run after the launcher malfunctions. I am unsure if this has any significance.

I tried all the suggestions listed in the forums including copying the ubuntu omniverse laucher .dektop file and reviewing the logs but did not work
I waited for 1 week for self-resolution and finally solved it i think when I updated my version of chrome which was used for the authentication. (Unless there was a simultaneous server-side fix!)

Google Chrome
Version 118.0.5993.117 (Official Build) (64-bit)

Thank you for your prompt response. Are you referring to the issue with the web browser? Could you kindly provide a more detailed explanation of the process?

if you are on unbunu suggest to try to update your browser version of your browser - in my case google chrome
it fixed my authetication problems
you can install the .deb file using gdebi software installer

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