Omniverse Isaac Sim 2021.2.1 Isaac SDK documentation missing

It seems that the main documentation tree for Isaac Sim has dropped the chapter on Isaac SDK which was available until 2021. Is there a link to the archive of the documentation ?

Some parts are explained in the main Isaac SDK documentation, and some of the items in the “Isaac Examples” menu are self explanatory, but not all.

For example, in the menu “Isaac Examples → Isaac SDK → Isaac SDK Vehicle control” the popup says to spawn the vehicle and then to create the SDK application, with no details on it. I remember seeing it before but can’t find the documentation now.



Team, i am not right person to help with this. Looks like you have chosen wrong name. I am from IT. However, if you still need help let me know.

Hi and thanks for your response. Yes we still need a link to download the documentation for Omniverse Isaac Sim 2021.2.1, specifically the chapters covering Isaac SDK examples with Robot Engine Bridge

When newer versions of Omniverse Isaac sim were released, the old documentation disappeared so that’s why we’re looking for it. And since Robot Engine Bridge is not included or working with the new versions of Omniverse Isaac Sim, we need to continue to run 2021.2.1

We posted this request for the link to the documentation archive as a new post in the Omniverse Isaac Sim forum, not directed to anyone specific but we would appreciate the help of anyone who can either post a link to the documentation archive or reply with a PDF attachment.

And of course we would appreciate if new versions of Omniverse Isaac Sim would include Robot Engine Bridge or an even better link to Isaac SDK. We really like the idea of “digital twin”, made possible with real robots running Isaac SDK and simulated robots running Isaac Sim.


Still looking to find out how to “create Isaac SDK application” as mentioned in the “Isaac SDK Vehicle Control” example. I know this was documented somewhere but the documentation disappeared.