Missing Isaac SIM warehouse scene file and related Isaac SDK documentation

Hi Nvidia Isaac Team,

Issue description:

My team is trying to replicate Nvidia Carter robot functionality (Segway RMP Lite 220 robot platform) to get familiar with Nvidia SDK and Sim tech-stack. We want to use Nvidia SIM digital twin functionality for a reinforcement learning based path finding module.

Unfortunately, we are unable to connect Isaac SDK and SIM using robot engine bridge.

We have tried:

  1. Running Isaac SDK 2021.1 in a Ubuntu 18.04 container and Isaac SIM on latest Manjaro;

  2. Isaac SIM 2021.1 - Isaac SIM crashes on start (temporarily worked thanks to solution provided in LINK, reapplying the fix does not work after a reboot)

  3. Isaac SIM 2021.2 - it fails to download assets to omniverse://localhost/Isaac which our understanding - contain demo scene files

  4. Isaac SIM 2022.1 - there is no robot engine bridge (as confirmed in LINK)

  5. Running Isaac SIM 2022.1 in a docker container (LINK), it crashes due to missing dependencies.

Additionally, we failed to find up-to-date documentation on simulating a Carter robot on Isaac SDK stack inside Isaac SIM.

Our hardware configuration is:

  • GeForce RTX 3080 Ti Laptop GPU
  • Intel i9-12900H

To my understanding, we lacking and we cannot find download links for:

  • Assets missing from omniverse://localhost/Isaac - for Isaac SIM 2021.2
  • Documentation for using robot engine bridge with Isaac SDK


  1. Is it possible for you to provide the above files (Assets for Isaac SIM 2021.2, Documentation for using robot engine bridge with Isaac SDK)?

  2. Is Isaac SDK deprecated, if yes what are the Nvidia alternatives?

  3. Is there a currently supported way to run Isaac SDK in Isaac SIM?

We will be happy to share any required error logs or other information.

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Hi @wojciech.wisniewski ,
We are glad to hear your team is using Isaac Sim, we would do our best to help you out.
Isaac SDK has been deprecated, and Isaac is now focusing on adding gems/nodes to ROS, please check out NVIDIA Isaac ROS | NVIDIA Developer

Please let us know if you have further questions


Thank you for the helpful reply,
It explains our problems, Isaac ROS looks like a perfect fit. However I have two more questions:

  • Are there any official Isaac SDK deprecation announcements?
  • Is it known how long will Isaac ROS be supported?
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There is no official deprecation announcement, since the Isaac SDK itself is not deprecated, the bridge in Isaac Sim is deprecated, and it was our fault not to announce it before removing it.
The Isaac SDK is focusing on ROS gems and the next generation of Isaac SDK.
Sorry for any confusion.

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