Isaac Sim 2020.2.2 becomes unresponsive with Robotic Engine Bridge

I have used Isaac Sim 2020.2.1 for a short time, and I could run some of the examples. I started using Isaac Sim 2020.2.2, but I once I load a scenario, run the scene and start the robot engine bridge the whole application freezes (or in a different order). I have tried Isaac/Samples/Isaac_SDK/Scenario/franka_table.usd and Isaac/Samples/Isaac_SDK/Scenario/carter_warehouse_with_forklifts.usd, and this occurs for both scenarios. Any advice on how to resolve this issue?

I use a RTX 3080, CUDA 11.1, Ubuntu 18.04, installed locally.

Hi JoostvDoorn,
The Isaac SDK and consequently Isaac SDK bridge in Isaac Sim do have some known issues with Ampere cards.