Omniverse UI Interpolation options when zoomed in

Hi, I am building an Omniverse application and I am looking for a way to switch the UI interpolation to nearest pixel mode.

Background: My application contains a window with a ui.CanvasFrame. For my application the user needs to be able to zoom into the CanvasFrame to inspect the content at a pixel level. When zooming in the interpolation of the ui elements becomes very apparent and it looks blurry. I was looking for a setting to switch the interpolation method to nearest pixel or to switch of antialiasing or some similar setting.

Screenshot from the UI Docs Application - CanvasFrame (zoomed in)

Wikipedia: Nearest-neighbor interpolation vs. Bilinear interpolation

Is there a way to change this behavior or another approach to achieve this?

I am not sure we support this. This is not our focus or intent. Why would Omniverse users need to zoom in to an individual pixel ? It’s not Photoshop. We are heavily focused on the exact opposite. Realtime 4k graphics at 60+fps. Zooming in on one pixel sounds like desktop graphics. We are a photo real realtime simulation platform.

Hi Richard, thank you for your reply.

The background here is that I place a ViewportWidget into the CanvasFrame to enable cropping (aka zooming into) the viewport texture without moving the virtual camera or adapting its parameters. The user wants to crop into the image to see if a specific camera configuration (modeled after a real life camera) is suited to resolve certain details in the scene. If the zoomed in image is smoothed heavily by the interpolation this is impossible to do.

During most of the time using the application the user is looking at a high res render - the intended use of Omniverse - but for this particular usage such an interpolation setting would be really helpful.

Ok I will ask the dev team

Hi Justus,
After much discussion, we do not support changing the anti aliasing settings for the GUI.

Hi Richard,
thank you for taking this to the dev team and for the quick reply. I will try to build a workaround.