OMPT support in HPC SDK 22.7


from the 22.7 release notes, I see that there is progress on the OMPT side:

The OpenMP Tools (OMPT) interface is now enabled by the HPC Compilers for use with the NVIDIA NSight developer tools.

I tried to use my own tool, but this doesn’t get activated. Is there a way to intercept OMPT events in third-party tools?

With oneAPI, ROCm, Cray and Clang, OMPT works out of the box, at least for host-events. It would be nice to have this in NVHPC as well.


Hi Christian,

You should be able to use OMPT with your tool by compiling with the “-mp=ompt” flag so the OMPT enabled version of the runtime is linked in.


Hi Mat,

adding -mp=ompt activates my tool for 22.5 and 22.7, thanks!

Unfortunately, -mp=ompt results in a linker error for compilers predating 22.5. This can be fixed at configure time of my tool, though.

FYI, with 22.7, registering ompt_callback_target results in ompt_set_never, which is nonconforming according to the OpenMP 5.2 specification [1] (see table 19.2 page 447).



Hi Christian,

Yes, I we most likely have some bugs in the new OMPT interface. Another user who works on TAU reported a similar failure yesterday, though besides the registration returning ‘never’, he’s also found a segv in our runtime. I’ve opened an issue report.



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