Open ACC directives


We are currently using/testing PGI Accelerator to see if it can help us improve our computation time (we have PGI Visual Fortran 2015), by using !$acc kernels, but we are getting this error message:

Command exit code: 2

Command output: [nvvmCompileProgram error: 9. Error: $\pgacc2a4KNcOrtQ405y.gpu (16, 72): parse integer constant must have integer type pgnvd-Fatal-Could not spawn $\bin\pgnvvm.exe $\mod_global.F90(1) : error F0155 : Compiler failed to translate accelerator region (see -Minfo messages): Device compiler exited with error status code PGF90/x86-64 Windows 16.3-0: compilation aborted $\mod_global.F90: ]

In mod_global.F90 we store all the parameters that are accessed by the different subrountines.
I’m not specifying/using any -tp flag, and I already tried with your “-ta=tesla:nollvm” Suggestion, it didn’t solve the Problem…
I would greatly appreciate any help/guidance with this, I’m rather new with parallel programming Tools…
Thanks in advance,


Hi Mila,

Can you please send a reproducing example to PGI Customer Service (

I see one similar report that’s being caused by the use of a Fortran linked list data structure, i.e. a user defined type which contain pointers to another user define type. However, this error was fixed in release 15.9 so may or may not be related.


Hi Mat, sorry for the double reply. I sent you an email yesterday.
Thanks again,