pgf902 terminated by signal 11

I am trying to compile some f90 code which includes some !$acc kernel directives. I have been successively increasing the scope to the acc kernal area around more an more loops and have found some code where I get this error when trying to compile with:

pgf90 -Minfo=accel -acc -Minline -ta=tesla:cc35 -O3 myCode.f -o myExec-gpu

I get the same error with all optimization cases except -O0. It will compile with that. Looking on this forum here, it appears that this kind of compiler error is indicative of a bug? Perhaps I can try to break down my loops a little more manually instead of just using the kernel directive in a blanket way to try and pinpoint the issue.

EDIT: Sorry, I forgot to include that I am using version 15.1

Hi KWardle,

Can you please either post or send to PGI Customer Service ( a reproducing example?