Open door sensor using GPIO


The Jetson GPIO ignores the “pull and down” instructions for GPIO.IN.
Consequently we cannot use a classic magnetic switch or limit switch.

Any suggestions on how to check if a door is open or closed?

I know it sounds like a silly question, but I can’t think of any efficient solution.

hello deusdixital,

am I understand correctly that you meant that Nano cannot recognize that high/low signal?
may I also know which pin you’re using, thanks

Hello Jerry,
There’s no way to control pull-up/-down on Jetson.
pull_up_down value is unused · Issue #5 · NVIDIA/jetson-gpio · GitHub

For example, connecting a switch between a GND pin and “pin 19 BOARD” I can’t see the state of the switch (open or closed).

import Jetson.GPIO as AGPIO

AGPIO.setup(19, AGPIO.IN, pull_up_down = AGPIO.PUD_UP)
def sensor():
    if AGPIO.input(19): #TD
        print("TD OPEN!")
        print("TD CLOSED!")


If you run that code. Jetson responds that it will not use the “pull up down” parameters.

As far as I know jetson nano has no internal resistors on gpio so you should use external one for gpio pull up

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