Gpio pull_up_down mode

I use GPIO to read Digital data from Motion sensor. (Motion sensor detect return 1, vice versa return 0)
I want my input pin in pull_up_down mode by function GPIO.setup() but I received a warning "Ignore pull_up_down "

If found this source in Gpio lib and It not accept to use pull_up_down.

My question is:
How can I use pull_up_down mode to set my input in pull_up ?

hello 111convit,

please refer to Jetson-GPIO sample, such as
you may use the API to detect GPIO state changes. thanks

Hello JerryChang,

I checked this example, It is blocking and GPIO INPUT is in default (value = 1) .

My Gpio.INPut always have value = 1 (3.3 vol). How can I change It to 0 ?
I used function GPIO.setup() with parameter pull_up_down and It return ignore.


hello 111convit,

please check voltage levels match.
the Jetson would normally use a 3.3V “TTL” logic level. it probably fail when using 5V or 1.8V.

Motion sensor response voltage = 3.3v (if detected) , vice versa voltage = 0v

I used jetson.GPIO to read it. But It’s not working.
My problem: when Motion sensor return 1, Jetson read 1 and keep this value (Don’t change when Motion sensor return 0 )

I tested this sensor in Rasp3 and It worked normally.

hello 111convit,

could you please also share the hardware pin connections for reference,

My hardware config :
GPIO.setup(15, GPIO.IN,pull_up_down=GPIO.PUD_DOWN)

I also tested in pin 37 and 23

Do U have any soutions for me?

I really need it.


hello 111convit,

please check this document, Jetson Nano Developer Kit 40-Pin Expansion Header GPIO Usage Considerations Applications Note.
you may also check Topic 76100 for default pull configuration and strength for GPIOs on the Jetson Nano,