How to set a GPIO pin as a pull-up... simply

So I have seen a couple of forums talk about how to do this but I’m still very confused and it seems like it’s very easy to mess up. Are there any videos going over how to do this step by step?

hello carlos144,

had you also refer to Configuring Jetson Expansion Header by running Jetson-IO to have pin configuration?

Can you configure a GPIO pin as pull-up by running the

I haven’t looked into that actually since I haven’t seen anyone do it that way. Most methods I see people attempt includes using the SDK manager which I don’t want to attempt without a clear example of using it.

hello carlos144,

because many of the pins can be used either as GPIO or SFIO.
please download Nano pinmux spreadsheets to check the default pin configurations.

may I know which pin you would like to configure as pull-up?

I was attempting this on gpio pin 7 but any pin that pulls up should work for me.

please refer to spreadsheets for default pin configurations, there’re already pins configured as pull-up.

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