how to configure gpio as pull up

i want to use gpio388 as gpio input,is working right in Jetpack 3.2,when i port to Jetpack 4.2
the gpio is always read as lo,i think maybe need to config pull up,my device tree is like this

gpio@2200000 {
		vol-up {
			gpios = <TEGRA_MAIN_GPIO(I, 4) 0>;
			label = "vol-up";
			status = "okay";

hello dgw_1985,

assume you’re working with GPIO3_PI.04,
according to pinmux spreadsheet, its default configuration is input and pull-up.

could you please check the documentation, Jetson TX2 Pinmux and GPIO Configuration.
please follow the steps to generate cfg files and update the board to check the GPIO behavior.